Skitrack is considered the reference for professional tracing of cross country ski tracks. This statement is based on the opinion of skilled operators using Skitrack to prepare at best their cross country ski trails:

"The tracks made by the Skitrack are by far the best for quality, both in terms of definition, always perfect, and durability. I have not yet seen tracks with the same durability. No snowgroomer can achieve that."

" The "million-dollar question" is: can I manage a cross country ski resort with SKITRACK, without any snowgroomer? Yes I can, with a Skitrack and a snowmobile (a mid to high power one) it is possible to manage a cross country ski resort in the best way."

"When tracing trails for national and international competitions, in most cases the path follows the "ideal line", that is the best trajectory, tangent to the apex, enlarging while entering and leaving the curve. To be fair, I can do at best such a job only with the Skitrack, thanks to its compactness and maneuverability I can follow the line I have in mind. With a snowgroomer I simply cannot do it. These features become essential when I have to prepare the trails in wooded areas or in narrow places, where a snowgroomer simply cannot pass through."

2019 - PAOLO DEBERTOLIS - Passo Cereda ski Area Manager (European cross-country skiing championships)

"I consider Skitrack an unmatched and unique device when I need to trace over a ground with a low snow coverage, as it allows to work in optimal conditions, even with no more than 15-20 cm of snow: if I had to use a snowgroomer I would destroy everything, it would be impossible"

"On a very icy ground, we have always had problems preparing the trails, most often getting a very poor result; Skitrack can get the job done despite of the ice, we never had problems with the snow-cutter on board, always getting incredible results."

2019 - TOMASI CIRO - Lago di Tesero - Val di Fiemme Cross Country Sky Center ski Area Manager (Cross-country skiing World Championships years 1991 - 2003 - 2013)