SKITRACK can be equipped with some accessories which allow to add new features and functions to the machine. All the following additional features require an electric power connection to the snowmobile using a plug installed on the towing bar of the Skitrack.

Rear light for tracks:

a practical rear light, provided with an integrated manual switch, which can be tilted towards the tracks allowing to easily check the tracing operations, even in low light conditions or by night. A useful feature, considering that the tracks are usually prepared at the beginning or at the end of the day.

Variable track distance device electrically operated*:

this unique and much appreciated feature allows to change, using a wire remote control, the interaxis between the tracks while tracing. For example the distance can be increased downhill for a higher safety and stability of the athletes, while a narrow track could be more effective while going uphill.

Electrically operated* track-erasing device:

with the same functions as the manually operated device provided on the standard Skitrack, can be operated by a switch on the machine or by a wire remote control.

*Wire remote control:

the electrically operated optional devices need this wire control to allow the operator activate them while tracing, without stopping and getting off the snowmobile.


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